Membrane Keyboard, flexible, elastomer, silicon




Types of keyboards

(1Laying of SMD components)


Prototypes: 5 days if the films are provided or 15 days from receipt of order and all documents (allow 3 weeks if the study design is made by us)
Series: maximum 5 weeks after receipt of firm order



Front panel Generally polycarbonate (good strength) or polyester (good resistance to temperature and chemical agents).

Contacts part
1. Support in polyester or polycarbonate - silkscreen in ink on gold, silver or carbon.
2. Support in traditional printed circuit (single sided, double sided, multilayer with or without component).


We also manufacture screen printed on plastrons carrier polycarbonate, polyester or other.

They are intended to dress nicely visible mechanical part, featuring the colors and markings of your choice.

They can aesthetically complement a front panel with integrated contacts.

The reverse is generally provided with a peelable adhesive.


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